Data, analysis code, and demonstrations for Morey & Hoekstra’s (2019) statistical cognition experiment, which was run over the Christmas season in 2018. You can find more details at


If you’re using a recent version MacOS, you’ll need to install Xquartz for the fonts.

To fully use the package, you’ll probably need to install several packages that are not on CRAN:

# install.packages('devtools') # if needed

Then you can install this package with

devtools::install_github("richarddmorey/Morey_Hoekstra_StatCognition", build_vignettes = TRUE, dependencies = TRUE)

Problems installing

If you have difficulties installing the package due to failure to compile the vignettes — particularly on Windows — you can try setting build_vignettes to FALSE in the command above. You can also move your R installation and temp folder to a location without spaces. This is a good idea even if turning off compilation of the vignettes solves the immediate problem. See here for details.

Task demonstration

A short video showing the task can be found under inst/manuscript/img/santa_task_example.mp4 (click ‘View raw’ to download).

You can find an online version of the task demonstration.

Users of the package can also load a version of the experimental task from within R:


Shiny app

Running the included shiny app will allow you to explore individual participants’ response patterns.


You can access an already-deployed version of the shiny app at

The app will let you:

  • Search, sort, and filter the data set by experimental condition, response, etc.
  • See the selected participant’s interface at the poiint of decision (both experimental samples and random shuffle reports)
  • See an animation showing the selected participant’s behaviour over time, up to the point of decision
  • Read the selected participant’s responses to the questions about their strategy
  • Search the strategy text using POSIX regular expressions, optionally (try “chance” to search for all instances of “chance”; “color|colour” will search for mentions of either of the two spelling variants of “color”)